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After Motion Mod APK 4.1.0 (Pro Unlocked) Free Download

After Motion Mod APK is an app that lets you make animations and edit videos on your phone.

Name After Motion
Publisher Alight Motion
Size 193 MB
Version 4.1.0
MOD Info Pro Unlocked
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Cutting-Edge Video and Animation Editing

After Motion Mod APK is like having a tiny studio in your pocket. It helps you make cool animations, graphics that move, special effects, and also lets you edit videos right on your phone or tablet. This app lets you be creative with your videos and graphics. You can mix videos, pictures, and sounds on different layers to make something new and exciting.

After Motion CC+ 4.1.0 Mod APK

Layers and Effects Make Magic

One cool part about After Motion Mod APK is how you can stack up different things like pictures, videos, and sounds, all in layers. It’s like putting stickers on a poster, but every sticker can move or do special things. This lets you play with your project until it looks just perfect. You can also mess around with effects and change how the picture looks.

Animate with Ease

Animation means making stuff move. In After Motion 4.1.0 Mod APK, you can tell your pictures or shapes how to move around over time. This app uses something called keyframes; think of them like steps in a dance routine that your graphics follow. This way, you can create smooth and flowing movements for anything in your video.

Colors and Group Tricks

Changing colors in After Motion Pro APK is a fun way to make your video stand out. You can pick any color you like to paint your graphics or change the mood of your video. Plus, if you have lots of things on the screen and it gets too messy, you can group them into one bunch to keep it simple. Making masks means that you can hide some parts of the picture or show only what you want.

After Motion CC Mod APK

Enhance Your Videos with these After Motion Features

  1. Vector Graphics: Unlike standard images, vectors in After Motion can be resized without losing quality. This is perfect for creating sharp and clean graphics that look great at any size.
  2. Freehand drawing: create your artwork right inside the app with vector-based drawing tools.
  3. Blending modes: mix layers using different settings to create various effects like transparency or color changes.
  4. Visual Effects Library: The app offers over 160 basic visual effect ‘building blocks’. Stack these elements to create intricate effects and tweak them to suit the mood or theme of your project.
  5. Detailed Keyframe Animation: Each setting in After Motion can be controlled using keyframes. This means you can fine-tune every second of your animation or clip, managing the timing and positioning on a granular level.
  6. Layer Grouping: Organize the multitude of layers you may have in your project by grouping related ones together. This organizes complex animations and allows for easier manipulation of similar elements.
  7. Advanced Color Correction: After Motion features powerful color adjustment tools enabling you to bring out the best in your videos, whether it’s correcting poorly lit scenes or giving your project a specific color grade.
  8. Custom Text Layers: Bring your words to life with an array of fonts and styles. Whether it’s title screens, captions, or artistic textual effects, the app accommodates all.
  9. Motion Blur Effect: Make movements smoother and more realistic with motion blur that imitates the natural blur seen on fast-moving objects, giving your animation or video a more polished feel.
  10. Versatile Export Options: When you’re done creating, After Motion allows you to save and share your work in several formats including MP4 (video files), GIFs (animated images), as well as PNG sequences for detailed frame-by-frame editing elsewhere.
  11. Project Sharing and Collaboration: Hand off projects to fellow creators through package sharing, enabling collaboration on complex animations or preserving consistency across a team.

Best Tips and Tricks to Have the Best Experience

  1. Start Simple: When you make videos or animations, start with simple designs. Learn how all the tools work before trying big projects.
  2. Use Keyframes: Remember those dance steps? Set keyframes at important parts of your video to control the motion smoothly.
  3. Save Your Favorite Stuff: If you make something really cool, like a special effect or a nice color mix, save it in the app. You can use it again next time without starting from scratch.
  4. Play with Effects: Use After Motion’s effects to add some magic to your videos. Try different combos to see what happens.
  5. Learn from Others: Watch tutorials online or look at other people’s projects to get ideas. Practicing helps you get better.

After Motion CC Pro APK

Pros and Cons


  • Mix lots of layers for cool effects
  • Edit vector graphics right on your gadget
  • Add fun motion and choose how smooth it is
  • Export in many ways and share easily


  • Might seem hard to new users
  • Some cool features need you to pay
  • Needs a good phone or tablet to run well
  • Takes time and practice to learn everything

Alternative Apps

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush: Great for editing videos quickly on your phone.
  2. FilmoraGo: Has lots of easy-to-use editing tools.
  3. InShot: Good for simple video edits and social media.
  4. KineMaster: Offers strong video editing features like After Motion.
  5. PowerDirector: Fast and full of effects for making fun videos.

After Motion Mod APK


If you love making videos, After Motion Mod APK lets you do lots of cool things, right where you are with just your phone or tablet. It’s perfect for people who like to animate, add special touches, or bring imagination into their videos.

If any of these things sound exciting to you, why not try this app? Download After Motion Mod APK for Android, play around with it, make something new, share with friends, or even the world!

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