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144hz Refresh Rate APK (120hz, 240hz Max GPU) for Android

144hz Refresh Rate is how often a screen shows a new image every second. It is told in "Hz."

Name 144hz Refresh Rate
Publisher Tech Tool
Size 5 MB
Version 3.3.2
MOD Info 120hz, 240hz Max GPU
MOD Info
  • 120hz, 240hz Max GPU
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Why should I use 144hz Refresh Rate?

144hz Refresh Rate makes watching videos and playing games better. Higher rates mean less blur and more clear pictures. Things move smoothly on screen. For example, fast games look real. Movies play without pauses or jumps. Every move – quick or slow – is shown better.

It also helps your eyes. When things change fast on screen, a good the app stops the eyes from working too hard. You can watch or play longer without tired eyes. It makes for a fun game. Also, if you like games, a good rate will make them play best.

In short, using a good 144hz Refresh Rate makes looking at screens a nicer thing. It’s key for people who love games or watch lots of videos.

144hz Refresh Rate APK

Key Features

Smooth Video and Games: This thing adjusts to make sure video and games play well. It sees how fast the video goes and changes the screen to match. This stops the picture from tearing, making games and videos smooth.

Better Visuals: Because it changes for each video, the picture looks better. You get true colors and sharp images. It’s good even for fast scenes in movies or quick moves in games.

Easy To Use: This app is simple. Change your settings fast, no hard steps needed. You can choose how your screen looks with just a few taps.

Light on Your Device: The app is not big. It does not take much space or slow down your stuff. It works easy on most devices, so anyone can use it.

No Cost: It’s free to get and use. You can try it and see if it’s good for you without spending money. This makes it easy for more people to try and enjoy better screens.

240hz Refresh Rate APK

Best Tips for 144hz Refresh Rate

Use Latest Version: Keep your app up-to-date. Get new features and fixes to problems. It makes sure you get the best performance.

Test Settings: Play with your settings. See what makes your games and videos look best. Saves you time later.

Try Automation: Use auto settings to let the app do the work. Quick and easy. Less for you to worry about.

Turn Off Extras: Don’t need it? Turn it off. Makes things simpler and can make your device run faster. Focus on smooth play and clear videos.

Keep your screen clean too. A dirty screen can spoil good visuals even with a great 144hz Refresh Rate.

120hz Refresh Rate APK

Pros and Cons


  • Improves how your videos and games look.
  • Gets rid of delays and makes for smooth play.
  • Simple to use and set to your liking.
  • Doesn’t fill up your device or slow it down.
  • Free – try without paying.


  • Your device may not work with it.
  • High rates can drain device power fast.
  • Max rate depends on your screen, so the app won’t help if your phone goes slower than the app’s max rate.
  • Could be difficult for some non-tech people.
  • Some apps and games might not let the use of 144hz Refresh Rate changing apps.


Other apps can do what 144hz Refresh Rate does. They also help your screen show smooth, clear images. Some names you may find are “Screen Refresh Rate Changer” or “Display Hz Monitor.” These can offer similar tools. They change refresh rate to meet video or game speed.

Max Refresh Rate APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this app harm my device?
No, it’s safe. It only changes screen settings.

Does this use more battery?
Yes, higher refresh rates could use more power.

Will it work on all devices?
No, check if your device and screen can use it.

Can I use it on my phone?
If you have an NVidia Shield or other supported device, yes.

Is it hard to install?
No, it’s just like any other app. Follow the steps given.

What if I don’t see changes?
Check you’ve picked the right settings. Make sure your device supports the rates.


144hz Refresh Rate makes games and videos better on your device, by clearing up fast-moving images and making them smooth.

It’s great for all who use screens a lot. Although some might find setting it up tricky, the outcome is worth trying.

Free Download 144hz Refresh Rate APK (120hz, 240hz Max GPU) via Mediafire

Looking for top screen views? Get the app now – no charge. Make the visuals on your device come to life!

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You are now ready to download 144hz Refresh Rate for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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