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94fbr Tekken 3 is a fighting game. It has many fighters. Players fight one on one to win. It also has extra game modes for more fun. People around the world like it a lot.

Name 94fbr Tekken 3
Publisher Namco
Size 50 MB
Version 5.4
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What is 94fbr Tekken 3?

94fbr Tekken 3 is a popular fighting game where players can fight one on one with different characters. It came out in places to play games with coins before coming to the PlayStation and now on Android. This game brought new fighters into the story, like Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu. It became a big favorite, selling many copies around the world. It was so good that people said it was one of the best games ever.

94fbr Tekken 3 Android download

Fighting System and Gameplay

Every fighter in 94fbr Tekken 3 Android can move in three ways, not just left or right. They can also step to the sides, which helps them dodge attacks. Players can’t jump very high anymore, which means they have to be smart about avoiding hits. Every character can block attacks from others this way. The game feels faster and you can get up quickly when you are down. Juggling, where you keep hitting someone in the air, is important too.

New Modes and Mini-games

Besides normal fights, there is a special mini-game called Tekken Force. You move side to side and fight against enemies, like in old street fighting games. There is also Tekken Ball, like beach volleyball but using powerful moves to win. Both of these new ways to play make 94fbr Tekken 3 more fun with different things to do.

94fbr Tekken 3 APK

Great Impact on PlayStation

94fbr Tekken 3 game showed how good PlayStation games could look like. The fighters move smoothly and look very real. Even if everything isn’t perfect, it was the best looking fighting game of its time on the PlayStation.

Best Tips and Tricks for Winning Fights

  1. Learn each fighter: Spend time with each character to understand their moves and how they fight.
  2. Practice side-stepping: Moving to the side can help you avoid attacks and give you a chance to counter.
  3. Master combos: Practice making many attacks in a row, called combos. They can help you win fights.
  4. Get up quickly: When you fall, rise fast to avoid more hits.
  5. Use throws: Throws can be a sure way to hit your opponent even if they guard.

94fbr Tekken 3 APK download 35 MB

The Good and Bad of 94fbr Tekken 3


  • Many different fighters to choose from
  • Smooth action that feels great to play.
  • Extra game modes like Tekken Force and Tekken Ball.
  • Very famous -many people think it’s one of the best fighting games.


  • Graphics aren’t as clear as newer games.
  • New players might find it hard to be good at the game fast.
  • It’s an old game, so it doesn’t have new features like online fights against other people from far away.

Finding Games Like 94fbr Tekken 3

If you like 94fbr Tekken 3 but want to try different games, there are some options. Other fighting games like Power Warriors or Jujutsu Kaisen Mugen also let players fight one on one. They each have their own special ways of fighting and stories.

94fbr Tekken 3 game

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 94fbr Tekken 3 hard to play?
No, it’s easy to start playing. But being really good at it takes time and practice.

Can I play against others?
Yes, you can play with friends on the same game machine. But there is no way to play online in 94fbr Tekken 3.

Are there secrets in the game?
Yes, you can unlock more fighters and other secrets as you play.

Final Words

94fbr Tekken 3 APK is still loved by many even though it’s an older game. It has great fighting and lots of different characters. Try playing the game – you might enjoy its classic style!

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